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I used to work for a big company with an expense account and ample budget to stay in great hotels. Since I recently starting working for myself and traveling by car more than plane I’ve found I need to find a way to go everywhere and do as much as I used to for my old boss but on a shoestring budget. I’ve found the best way to do this is to lower my previous standards and accept 2 star motels and Motel 6 type quality in place of Hilton and Marriott. You can usually cut your bill by a bundle. Where I stay I typically pay in the range of $32 on the low end to a top of $50 on the high end of the range. Over the course of a multiple day trip you can save a lot of cash. The cost savings is the upside but there are downsides. Compared to the brand name hotels you are likely to encounter poorly cleaned rooms, razor thin and undersized bath towels, a noisier environment, and the potential for bedbugs and germs.

I have come up with a routine some would say is crazy but if your used to staying in the best like I was it will let you save your money without sacrificing all your comfort or your health. When I travel I always carry with me my own pillow, a top sheet, a lightweight sleeping bag, a spray can of disinfectant, 2 towels and washcloths, and some plastic bags. Additionally slippers or flip flops to protect your feet from dirty carpets and a pair of earplugs in case you have some rowdy neighbors.

The first thing I do upon arrival to my room is to take one of the motel washcloths and spray some disinfectant on it. With the disinfectant and rag I wipe down the remote control for the TV, the telephone receiver and buttons, ail lamp switches and light switches, and the door knobs. Next I take the bedspread, blanket, pillow and top sheets off the bed and pitch them in the corner. I put my top sheet on the bed, then my sleeping bag and pillow. Lastly I turn my attention to the bathroom. The towels and wash cloths they provide are usually wafer thin and inadequate to bath with so use them to clean with.

I disinfectant the faucet handles in sink and shower/bath, wipe down the tub or shower and the toilet. Place the dirty cleaning towels in the corner and hang my towels and facecloth up. I know this all sounds like a lot of work but it actually only takes about 15 minutes and is well worth the peace of mind. Make sure you notify the front desk you don’t want maid service during your stay and hang the do not disturb sign out the next day so the maid doesn’t try to undo your hard work, When your ready to leave place your towels and top sheet in a plastic bag and tie it up securely to be washed thoroughly when you return home.

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What Women Want in Business Travel

What do women expect in business travel? In a nutshell, safety, value, loyalty, and high value amenities in the hotel room like a working hair dryer. There are many niche firms which are working with major hotel chain throughout the world to ensure women get what they want and the hotel keeps them coming back. One of the ways a hotel can keep female business travelers coming back is know that a woman’s needs are different than a man’s. One thing most women appreciate knowing is that the hotel has a supply of items most people tend to forget like razors, mouthwash, female care items and lotion. Many are willing to pay the retail price of them in order to have what they need. Female business travelers do not want or need female only floors for safety, but would rather have private security controlled parking garages and enhanced in-house security. Most of them know when they are being patronized and will not return to the same hotel where it happened again. They are strong and independent and have reached a level of seniority in their careers. They know what they want.

Every Woman Checks Out the Bathroom Spiff

How many women do you know that do not check out the amenities in the bathroom?
Some ritzier hotel chains stock bathrooms with the same products they use in the in-house spas. Other hotels might load up the bathroom baskets with all natural products or the top in beauty and dermatology trends. The best bathroom spiff is worth distracting the housekeeping staff so a few extras can be swiped. About the towels: they should be soft to the touch and there should be plenty of them. In any case, if the blow dryer does not work, the room is a dud.

Packing Bags for Overhead Storage

Short trips and business travel go hand in hand. In order to make it as least stressful as possible, below are few tips for packing a suitcase to fit under the seat and in the overhead bin. Nothing puts a snag in business travel faster than waiting for luggage to be unloaded. Undergarments, cosmetics, jewelry, medication, travel documents, keys, business equipment like a tablet, laptop, smart phone, memory stick, extra business cards, smart phone battery extender, noise canceling headphones, money, eyewear for distance, reading and sun, chargers for every mobile and digital device you bring. Overhead bags should hold a day or two of business clothes, comfortable clothing for off times, large accessories like a flat iron, shoes and a coat. These are the essentials for most business travelers. It also helps to know that many airports and some airlines have more electrical outlets so charging a drained device is easy and convenient. Net Worth TV takes an inside look at business travel today.